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Writing Update

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

A quick update on the writing situation: on the bad side, still waiting to hear back from Black Library about the twelve short stories and one novel idea I submitted for the May to July window, as well as the two short stories for the October window. Not tremendously optimistic now it has to be said; I know that one of my short stories has been invalidated by subsequent changes in the background (wretched C’tan), which is a pity as it was a story I would have enjoyed writing in full. Ho hum.

No more news to report on the “100 Horrors” anthology; I assume things are progressing though!

I did however hear back from another publisher. I submitted an old short story of mine to Nevermet Press for their “Stories in the Ether” open window. Apparently it received a mixed reception: some reviewers loved it, others felt it should be revised. I have been invited to make adjustments to it and send it in again. While I’m obviously a bit disappointed by this, I’m looking on the bright side. If they didn’t think it showed promise, then they wouldn’t have bothered asking me to make changes, after all.

The main change they asked for is to tighten up the story a bit, word economy probably is a flaw of my writing and I can ramble on a bit at times. In the next three thousand words I will attempt to explore why that is…..only joking. Other suggested amendments are simpler, and I aim to put together a revised version of the short story by the end of the week.

Stay tuned for updates!