The Launch

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello all! As my previous blog of the same name curled up and died some time ago; I thought I would once again throw myself into the blogging world, but this time on a shiny new website.

So what’s prompted this? Those of you who know me will already know this, but hopefully many of the people reading this won’t: I’m a writer. Admittedly that’s not what pays the bills (accountancy, hell yeah!), but I prefer to think of myself as a writer. I’ve been plugging away at it since I was a child and recently I finally made a break-through. I’ve had a piece of horror fiction accepted for publication by Cruentus Libri Press, which will hopefully be out in January. The story is very brief (only 100 words in fact), but all that matters is that I’m soon to be published for the first time.

Well, technically a poem of mine that I wrote at age ten was published along with a load of other poems by school children, but I don’t really think that counts.

The anthology I’m to be published in will include a link to this very blog, and that will hopefully attract some traffic. So with that in mind, I thought I would use this post to point out where other examples of my writing can be found.

All the work I’ve self-published is available on this Lulu page, the short stories are free to download, incidentally.

Or if you fancy it you can like my Facebook page, The Written Ward, and help it achieve that magical 100 likes mark.

I’ll be updating this blog periodically with rambling about writing or whatever else I feel like talking about; plus no doubt I’ll be plugging the anthology (called “100 Horrors” incidentally) closer to the time!

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